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Agency for Rural Development of Istria Ltd., Prof. T. Ujčića Street 1, 52000 Pazin, through its Fund for the Preservation of the Istrian Goat, on March 1, 2024, adopts the following


1. Introduction

The Agency for Rural Development of Istria d.o.o., in cooperation with the Association of Istrian Goat Breeders, with the support of the Region of Istria and local breeders, has launched a project entitled "Naša istarska koza - La Nostra Capra Istriana" (hereinafter referred to as the Project) with the aim of preserving the Istrian goat as part of the breeding, genetic, cultural, and traditional heritage of Istria.
The Project is launched with the aim of rescuing the Istrian goat breed from extinction, increasing the number of Istrian goat individuals with the support of breeding programs, promoting economic programs, and scientific valorization of genetic heritage.
The Project would be realized by establishing the Fund for the Preservation of the Istrian Goat - "Naša istarska koza - La Nostra Capra Istriana" (hereinafter referred to as the Fund), as a special organizational unit of the Agency for Rural Development of Istria d.o.o. Pazin.
The Fund is established with the aim of collecting financial resources which would, on the one hand, be allocated to beneficiaries (breeders) as direct assistance in co-financing their costs related to the breeding of the Istrian goat, financing all forms of professional and veterinary assistance, and procurement of food and equipment for the needs of Istrian goat breeding through the Association of Istrian Goat Breeders (hereinafter: the Association), and on the other hand for financing scientific research and storage of samples in the IBAG gene bank (IBAG - Istrian Bank of Animal Genes), as well as media coverage and support for the Project.
The funds of the Fund are non-refundable and earmarked, and are directed, in a larger part (approx. 70%), towards individual breeders of the Istrian goat who meet the financing conditions, while a smaller part of the funds is retained in the Fund and used for the regular operation and management of the Fund, and support and promotion of the Project. Funds are collected through donations from citizens or legal entities.
For the purposes of implementing the Project, the Agency for Rural Development of Istria d.o.o. will establish the "Coordination Council of the Fund". The Coordination Council will have multiple members, the number of which will be determined by the act establishing the council. The representatives of the AZRRI, Region of Istria, Administrative Department for Agriculture, Forestry, Hunting, Fisheries, and Water Management, Association of Istrian Goat Breeders, and the Faculty of Agriculture or Veterinary Medicine of the University of Zagreb will be part of it.

Supervision of the Fund's operations is carried out by the competent bodies of the Agency for Rural Development of Istria d.o.o..

2. Fund Resources

2.1. Method of Fundraising for Fund Operations and Duration of Donation

Funds for the Fund's operations are collected in a separate, strictly designated account of the Agency for Rural Development of Istria d.o.o.

At the end of the year, the "Fund" publishes a public call to interested individuals and legal entities (hereinafter referred to as Donors) to express their interest in participating in the Project in the next calendar year. The call remains open until March 15 of the current year or until funds are secured for all available Istrian goats included in the Project.

Funds are collected from donors (individuals and legal entities) who, by making a donation, can become honorary "adopters" of their Istrian goat or "supporters" of the program.

The duration of each donation is one calendar year, and a new call is announced for each year.

An adopter is an individual or legal entity that donates a certain amount to the Fund and symbolically "adopts" their Istrian goat. An Istrian goat included in this program can be "adopted" for a period of one year. At the end of the year, the donor-adopter can renew their "adoption" and continue with the donation by specifying their "adoption package" and receiving their "adoption certificate" again. In return, the donor or "adopter" receives all necessary information about their "adopted" goat on an annual basis. The "adoption" of a goat is symbolic in nature and does not in any way grant the right to ownership of the individual Istrian goat or any other management right over the breeding of the individual goat.

The donation amount for an "adoption package" is set at 500,00 EUR (in words: five hundred euros) for each individual year, and the adopter can "adopt" a larger number of Istrian goats, in accordance with the conditions of this Regulation.

A supporter is an individual or legal entity that supports the project of supporting the breeding of the Istrian goat and financially supports the operation of the Fund through their donations, but does not "adopt" their Istrian goat.

All funds collected are strictly earmarked and cannot be used in any way outside the project "Naša istarska koza - La Nostra Capra Istriana", for which the Agency for Rural Development of Istria d.o.o. is responsible.

Donors for funds deposited in favor of the Project do not gain any right to reciprocation in any form, especially not related to promotion, marketing, or other personal or business goals, nor any other benefit.

In addition to cash, donations can also be made in the form of equipment, medicines, or material goods, but without any obligation on the part of the fund and breeders towards the donors. Donors of material goods have an identical status within the project as donors of financial resources.

2.2. Method of Selecting Donors

Each interested donor informs the Fund of their interest in participating in the Project. The application must specify the intended form and amount of the donation and whether the donor wishes to donate for a specific part of the Project or for a specific animal, or if they wish to donate to the benefit of the Project in general.

A separate contract is concluded between the Donors and the Fund, which determines their mutual relations and rights and obligations in accordance with the provisions of this Regulation, specifying individual deadlines for Project implementation in the current year.

3. Eligibility Criteria

3.1. Eligible Beneficiaries and Conditions for Submitting Applications for the Allocation of Fund Resources

Eligible beneficiaries of Fund resources are:

  1. Individual breeders, natural persons, family farms - owners or possessors of Istrian goat herds, whose herds are registered in the Istrian goat studbook at the Ministry of Agriculture or Istrian goat herds whose origin is proven by a reliable genetic method and who are members of the Association of Istrian Goat Breeders.
  2. Legal entities - owners or possessors of Istrian goat herds, whose herds are registered in the Istrian goat studbook at the Ministry of Agriculture or Istrian goat herds whose origin is proven by a reliable genetic method and who are members of the Association of Istrian Goat Breeders.

The Association collects data on eligible beneficiaries of Fund resources, as well as on registered Istrian goats that meet the criteria for participation in the Project. The Association provides processed data to the Fund.

The Fund will provide the Association with all necessary administrative and logistical support in carrying out their tasks in the Project.

Fund resources are allocated to the Association, which then allocates those resources, under the supervision of the Fund, to eligible breeders, regardless of whether the beneficiaries are from the EU, national, or regional fund for the development and support of agriculture, especially livestock farming.

Before the approved funds are disbursed, a contract is concluded between the Association and the beneficiary, and the Fund also participates as a party to the Contract.

Before signing the contract for the allocation of Fund resources, beneficiaries are required to submit to the Association a certified promissory note in the amount of 50% of the approved funds. The promissory note is issued as a guarantee that the breeder - beneficiary of the funds will use the received funds for the approved purpose and will act in accordance with the rights and obligations set out in Article 10, point 10.2 of these Regulations. In case the received funds are not used in the approved manner, the contract for the allocation of funds will obligate the return of the same, and the issued promissory note will be used to ensure the return and payment of the funds.

In exceptional cases, another form of guarantee from the Beneficiary may be approved, by which they will guarantee that the received funds will be used for the approved purpose.

Proof of own funds necessary for co-financing the approved purpose is not required for the approval of the use of Fund resources.
Beneficiaries independently propose the number of goats (regardless of whether they are male or female) to be included in this Program, and the minimum age of the animal to be registered is 8 months.

The Agency for Rural Development of Istria d.o.o. or the Fund is obliged to verify, for each Istrian goat registered for adoption, the registration in the Istrian goat studbook at the Ministry of Agriculture or the genetic analysis of origin at the Istrian Bank of Animal Genes, AZRRI.

Funds are not approved for Istrian goats excluded from the registry.

3.2. Eligible Areas and Financing Costs

The funds collected in the Fund will be used specifically to achieve the following Project objectives:

  • Preservation of the Istrian goat breed from extinction
  • Revitalization of Istrian goat breeding
  • Encouragement of breeders to raise Istrian goats
  • Increase in the number of Istrian goats
  • Implementation of a breeding program for the protection of the Istrian goat in cooperation with the Association of Istrian Goat Breeders

Eligible financing areas using Fund resources are:

  • Ensuring an adequate quantity of quality feed for animals (roughage and concentrated feed)
  • Ensuring quality living conditions for adopted animals
  • Construction and/or maintenance of facilities for goat housing and auxiliary facilities for the proper management of the breeding farm
  • Procurement of equipment and machinery necessary for improved breeding management
  • Ensuring animal welfare conditions
  • Financing land rental for animal grazing needs and/or cultivation and agricultural activities for goat needs
  • Financing veterinary costs: health prevention, therapeutic measures, legally required measures
  • Procurement of equipment for milking, processing, or transporting goat milk
  • Procurement of equipment for slaughtering kids and goats and transforming Istrian goat meat into products and their storage according to applicable laws
  • Procurement of equipment for animal transportation and product transportation
  • Acquisition of medicinal preparations aimed at preserving animal health
  • Financing the implementation of all scientific research, genetic testing, preservation of genetically valuable material in the gene bank, and other professional and scientific procedures necessary for the implementation of the project and the preservation of the Istrian goat, procurement of equipment and space arrangement, and engagement of the best experts in these fields
  • Ensuring media coverage and support for the Project
  • Financing the costs of project personnel

4. Criteria for Determining the Amount of Funding

The funds collected by the Fund from Donors are determined in equal amounts for each Istrian goat accepted into the project and are paid in the amount of 70% in favor of the beneficiary's account and are disbursed through the Association. The remaining 30% of the funds that remain in the Fund are allocated by the annual work program of the Fund and used in accordance with point 3.2 of these Regulations.

The funds received by the Fund from project "supporters" remain available to the Fund and are allocated by the annual work plan of the Fund and used in accordance with point 3.2 of these Regulations. "Supporters" of the project will be able to verify the purpose of the allocated funds through the Fund's annual report.

5. Call for Allocation of Fund Resources

The call for the allocation of Fund resources for Istrian goat breeders will be open throughout the year, or until all Istrian goats registered in the Project are taken care of. The call will be announced for funding for a period of one year.

Fund resources are allocated based on the submitted application for the allocation of Fund resources, which breeders submit to the Association. Applications are submitted separately for each calendar year, specifying the number of goats for which funding is requested.

AZRRI and the Fund will provide administrative assistance to beneficiaries when submitting applications.

6. Application for Allocation of Fund Resources

6.1. Who Can Submit an Application for Allocation of Fund Resources

Eligible beneficiaries who meet the criteria set out in point 3.1. of this Decision may submit an application for the allocation of Fund resources (hereinafter: application).

In the application, the beneficiary specifies the number of Istrian goats for whose breeding funding is needed, their gender, life number, and proof of ownership or possession of the relevant animals, together with a proposal for activities or works to be financed through Fund resources.

The beneficiary must also provide proof that the account to which the funds from the project will be transferred is not blocked.

In case of account blockage during the project implementation, the Fund and the Association may decide that the disbursement of monetary funds will be replaced by the allocation of material goods and services. Such a decision will be made after the breeder provides additional explanation about the nature of the blockage and existing debts, which will be specially regulated. In case of debts related to taxes and surtaxes, the application for the allocation of funds will not be considered.

Upon receipt of Fund resources, it is the obligation of the beneficiary to use the received funds exclusively for the purpose stated in their application and approved by the Fund.

During the project period, the beneficiary of the funds must not voluntarily reduce the number of goats under breeding that are included in the funding program. Therefore, the sale or killing of goats accepted in the financing program is prohibited. Exceptions to this obligation are cases of goat removal due to orders from the competent veterinary service or natural death, for which evidence must be provided, based on which the Fund, the Association, and the breeder sign a report.

6.2. Application Submission Procedure

After the call is announced, eligible beneficiaries submit an application to the Association on the prescribed form (Form 1_Application for the Allocation of Fund Resources), which is an integral part of the Call.
The following documents must be attached to the application:

  • Document proving ownership or possession of the Istrian goat
  • Copy of ID card
  • FINA certificate regarding the account status regarding the blockage (BON 2, etc.)
  • Decision in the case of a family farm or entry in the register of craftsmen if a craft is registered or an excerpt from the court register if a company is registered
  • Plan of fund usage to be allocated to the beneficiary
  • Statement of accuracy of data provided in the Application for Allocation of Fund Resources

Applications will be processed in the order of receipt of complete documentation.

The Association submits the collected Applications, along with its opinion, to the Fund for competent processing and confirmation.

In case of incomplete documentation, the Association and the Fund may request the applicant to supplement it with the necessary documents.

6.3. Where to Send the Application

The completed application form and the required documentation must be submitted in paper form (one original).

The application, as well as all accompanying statements mentioned in point 6.2. of these instructions, must be personally signed and certified by the authorized representatives.

The application with all attached documents is sent by registered mail, courier, or personal delivery to the headquarters of the Association.

All other conditions will be stipulated in the text of the Public Call.

7. Decision on the Allocation of Fund Resources

The competent body of the Fund makes a decision on the eligibility of Istrian goat herds for funding, if necessary, with the involvement of representatives from other bodies and independent experts, based on the processing of the submitted application and provided documentation, within 30 days from the date of application submission.

The Fund informs the Association and the applicant/user of Fund resources about the decision made within five days from the date of the Decision.

Applicants whose applications do not meet the criteria for the allocation of Fund resources will be notified of the rejection of their application. In case of rejection, the reasons for rejection will be clearly stated.

If deficiencies are remedied, the user may resubmit the application.

8. Implementation of Accepted Applications

The Decision is the basis for concluding a contract for the allocation of Fund resources (hereinafter: Contract), concluded between the Association, the Fund, and the user to whom Fund resources have been approved.

The Contract is concluded within 15 days from the acceptance of the Donor's offer.

The Contract determines the amounts of approved funds, the schedule of their allocation, conditions and manner of use of allocated funds, method of monitoring the purposeful use of funds, reporting obligations, and regulates other mutual rights and obligations of the fund user, the Association, and the Fund, or the Agency for Rural Development of Istria d.o.o.

Approved funds are deposited into a special account of the Association, which then disburses the funds to each individual beneficiary according to the contract for the allocation of funds.

9. Control and Supervision of Fund Resource Utilization

The use of Fund resources must be transparent. The conditions for the use of Fund resources are clearly defined in the contract concluded between the Association and the Fund with the user, and their compliance is verified based on reports and other documentation obtained from responsible persons of the Fund.

The Fund monitors the use of resources by the Association, users/breeders, and other users of resources throughout the period of resource utilization.

The Fund or its representatives have the right to conduct unannounced inspections to verify whether the resource user is fulfilling their obligations under the concluded contracts.

In case of misuse of resources or violation of rights and obligations specified in Article 10, point 10.2. of these regulations, the contract for the allocation of resources is terminated, and the user is obliged to return all received funds, regardless of their intended use.

10. Rights and Obligations of Project Participants

During the implementation of the Project, participants have the following rights and obligations:

10.1. Rights and Obligations of the Association, Fund, and AZRRI Agency for Rural Development of Istria d.o.o.:

  • Establish and promote the work of the Fund
  • Conduct the business activities of the Fund and provide expert and accounting support
  • Facilitate the involvement of breeders in financing and provide administrative assistance
  • Monitor breeders and the purposeful spending of funds
  • Develop and update the Fund's database
  • Provide Donors with all requested information on the Project's implementation
  • Annually inform the public and Donors about the purposeful use of funds and the Project's results, as well as all conducted scientific and professional activities and research aimed at preserving the Istrian goat breed
  • Report on the procurement of equipment used for all program beneficiaries

10.2. Rights and Obligations of Users:

  • Use the allocated funds from this Project in accordance with these Regulations
  • Comply with laws and regulations on animal health and welfare in full
  • Participate in the process of collecting samples for genotyping and entering data into the gene bank of AZRRI (Istrian Animal Gene Bank)
  • Follow the instructions of the Istrian Goat Breeders Association and the Fund in implementing the breeding program and mating plan
  • Ensure correct, complete, and timely registration of animals, especially offspring, in the unified registry of domestic animals
  • Facilitate unhindered access to Istrian goat herds and locations where the herds are raised for Fund representatives for monitoring fund usage and other contractual obligations
  • Allow Fund representatives and experts to take photos and videos of Istrian goat herds for project promotion purposes
  • Allow visits by "adopters" of individual Istrian goat herds as announced according to these Regulations
  • Clearly display the Fund's preservation label for the Istrian goat, which will be assigned by the Fund after the approval of funds

10.3. Rights and Obligations of Donors

  • Fulfill financial obligations according to the concluded contract, under the conditions and deadlines specified in the Contract
  • Be informed about the manner of spending the allocated funds at the end of the adoption year or in the Fund's annual report
  • "Adopters" can choose the name of their goat if the goat is not registered under a specific name
  • At any time, "adopters" can visit their goat with prior notice or obtain all information about its status
  • Photos and videos of the "adopted" Istrian goats are available to the "adopters" through the web platform
  • To keep their goat, the "adopter" must renew their donation at the end of one year
  • A "Certificate of Adoption" for the Istrian goat is issued to the donor for their donation

11. Ensuring Visibility of the Fund

Resource users are obligated to ensure the visibility of the Fund and the project "Naša istarska koza - La Nostra Capra Istriana" by displaying a plaque with the Fund's logo and the project name in Croatian and Italian languages at the goat raising sites included in the program. Additionally, they must mention the Fund's involvement and support in all public appearances, whether through media or social networks.

12. Protection of Confidentiality of Data and Intellectual Property

All involved in the work of the Fund, the Association, and the resource users undertake to keep confidential all data for which regulatory acts of the Fund do not explicitly prescribe that they must or may be disclosed.

The obligation to maintain the confidentiality of data applies to personal data, data related to the evaluation of project proposals, and data and research results suitable for the protection of intellectual property rights. The contracting parties undertake to take all necessary steps to ensure that all involved parties maintain business confidentiality.

A separate consent for the publication of such data will be requested for the public disclosure of personal data of participants in the process that are not necessary for project implementation.

13. Intellectual Property

All innovations created during the Project and financed by Project funds represent the industrial property of the Agency for Rural Development of Istria d.o.o.

Innovations include applicable results of scientific research, such as:

  • products, processes, and technological solutions that meet the legal requirements for patenting (patentable invention);
  • technical improvements that do not have patentability elements;
  • prototype devices;
  • software potentially of commercial value;
  • other forms of intellectual property (specific technological knowledge, copyrighted works, etc.), which have market value.

14. Transitional and Final Provisions

This Regulation is adopted with the consent of the Supervisory Board and will be published on the notice board and website of AZRRI, and comes into force on the day of publication.

Number: 2-03/03/24/01
Pazin: March 1, 2024

Igor Merlić